Download data from Zerodha using python script

Simple script to download minute level data using jugaad-trader

How to trade with python in Zerodha

Use Jugaad-Trader, a python library, to trade in Zerodha even without Kite Connect Subscription.

How to Log into your Zerodha account using Python

In this post we will log in to Zerodha account using python requests

Command line interface reference

Introduction The jtrader command provides set of utilities to manage how you log in and interact with your broker’s account. The idea is that you should not use your credentials in the code ever. Additionally it may provide utilities to interact with your account from command line. Currently it support Zerodha only. Getting started jtrader is the root command, it will then have sub-commands for each of the brokers $ jtrader Usage: jtrader [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS].

Jugaad Trader

Jugaad trader implements reverse engineered API for Zerodha in python (hence the name Jugaad)

Jugaad Trader - Upstox documentation

This is part of jugaad-trader documentation, with detailed reference for Upstox related functions