Mini Jugaads

Zerodha trading API - Setting up two factor authentication with jugaad-trader and pyotp

Use pyotp library we can automate the logging process


Fetch live stock quote from new NSE website using jugaad-data

Simple python script to fetch live stock quotes from new NSE website.


Download tick data for a given stock from NSE's website suing python

We will download tick level prices for a given stocks from NSE’s website using a simple python script


Benefits of patience in investing - maximize returns while reducing risk over long term

This blog post is inspired by the book Coffee can investing, we will see how patient investors are rewarded with higher returns at much lower risk


Download data from Zerodha using python script

Simple script to download minute level data using jugaad-trader


Monthly returns over 3 decades - Monthly returns heatmap

Cool visualization to analyse monthly nifty returns over 3 decades using heatmap


Implementing pair trading strategy with python

A series of articles explaining how to implement a pair trading strategy with python using jugaad-data


How to calculate beta for Indian stocks using python and jugaad-data

Download data historical data using jugaad-data and calculate beta using pandas and numpy


How to trade with python in Zerodha

Use Jugaad-Trader, a python library, to trade in Zerodha even without Kite Connect Subscription.


Developing in cloud on a budget

Use preemptible VMs in combination with always free tier VM, set up cron job to turn on the VM whenver it terminates


Automatic testing in Python on file change

Automatically run test whenever there is a change in test or code file using inotify


How to Log into your Zerodha account using Python

In this post we will log in to Zerodha account using python requests


How to calculate Max Pain using python

Next in option chain series, we now fetch the option chain and calculate the max-pain


Fetching Stock Data From Cloud

Download NSE data in AWS, GCP or any other cloud platform using Judaad Data where NSEpy fails


Choosing a broker for algorithmic trading in India

It is crucial to choose right broker if you are planning to venture into algo-trading. In this article we will discuss about the factor you should consider while choosing a broker for algo-trading and we will also share a list of brokers supporting algo-trading.


Algo trading companies in India

Curated list of companies operating in HFT and algo trading


Fetching live option chain from NSE in pandas dataframe What is Option chain Option chain of a security is a single table which shows premium price, open interest, volume traded etc for both put and call options and for every strike price Install required packages pip install requests bs4 pandas Getting started We import the required modules import requests from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import numpy as np import pandas as pd URL for option chain